I am not the same person…

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Your thoughts are …the world

So, you may think…

If there is so much confusion in the world, neighbourhood, your job or at home…sometimes it is better to forget everything and don’t bother. To not care at all… because you cant change anything anyway…you are just a drop in the ocean. And if you would do ar say something, you would probably get in trouble and people would say… Who do you think, you are?!? You can not save the world!

But, you are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean. Anyway, a drop can not be separated from the ocean, when it falls in it. And your thoughts are the drop that connects with all the other drops. When you have an idea, a thought, the ENTIRE UNIVERSE gets in motion!!! Some people can move items with their thoughts, they can communicate with thoughts…and you can, too, but maybe you are not aware of it or you are not trained to do it.

When you make your mind about something, when you create your opinion and you even havent done anything …you already send circular waves of your thoughts like radio waves out to the universe. You are life cocreators of everything. So, don’t think, you are not important, because this is then your reality.

The truth is, you have a tool, a very powerful and magical one, and you probably don’t know it. Maybe nobody told you so, or they don’t want you to know. We have the power to change everything and anything and it should be fun, too. Responsibility isn’t just a serious thing, it is creative, make one step at the time…we can make mistakes and change our opinion as many times as we want, and do better at the next  time. I think, children should be thought in school about this and how to grow up into strong independent beings. We are at the beginning of a new perception about our life. We are cocreators. Every single one of us is so important. Every new day is important, even every moment is important. And there is nothing but this moment, your moment.

Love, Suzana