Geomerty Art…

Etsy svetla spalnica 2 copy pove 2 LUNGOAbstract 3D art in harmony colours for office or home made with lots of patience…        You can place them horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

One shot was taken at DAYLIGHT and you see the image in natural colors. The other was taken at NIGHT while fluor color threads are illuminated with UV light. This is a special effect as a option. A creation of special subtle mood effects in your own environment or office. You can use a UV lamp at night to lighten up this 3D pictures if you like.


Take a cup of coffee…

Etsy rustical - 6 povec

Extra fine Spring Art in natural colours… have a cup of coffee, take a good book or chill out with nice music. Let the world outside and focus on yourself…more:    


The Light Blue Spiral

Etsy armchair 4 EXTRA LUNGO

To balance the room, a pastel light blue Spiral…more on Etsy

The Blue Mandalas


Geometry and sacred geometry have been mentioned since ancient times…

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Wall Decor for Home or Office, 3D Abstract String Art, Blue and Turquoise, Framed , 3 peaces, each 12,6″x12,6″ (32x32cm), ready to hang.



A modern mandala in pastel turquoise and framed in green blue.The colors remind me of fresh crystal clear water…I saw amazing colours of the ocean in Monaco. I didn’t know these colours exist for real in that intensity! This picture spreads harmony, calmness and freshness to the environment…In my very early age I found a book about Yoga. Since then I knew there was a connection between me and the science of Yoga and Meditation. I also love the clear and, elegant style of furnishing Feng-shui. We don’t need to have a lot of furniture in our home. It should be and carefully chosen and placed well. Not the quantity but the quality makes the difference. And you simply feel it when you are in a harmonised room…

This picture can be put on different wall colours…

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Silver & Light Blue – Abstract Wall Art

Silver & Light BlueEXTREME FINE GEOMETRIC STRING ART in Silver Gray, Pastel Blue.

Abstract 3D art in harmony colours made with patience. Create clear and light flair in your own environment or office.

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Supernova in a Spin…day and night

Test A

Geometry and sacred geometry have been mentioned since ancient times. Sacred geometry is used in design, architecture and art. The underlying belief is that geometry, logico-mathematical series, harmony and proportions are all found in music, light, the human body and cosmology. The link between mathematics, geometry and music was exposed by Pythagoras already.

Colour and sound are related and are expressions of the soul. Each thought and each tone has its colour shade, its code, its expressive value. Science, too, deals with colours and their influence on man. We often forget the importance of what colour or sound surround us. With a conscious choice of these elements we can improve our daily surroundings, our mood and the state of our spirit.

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Test A noc