The White Mandala

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The White Mandala behind Glass…for Relaxation and Meditation…there is more on Etsy :


Take a cup of coffee…

Etsy rustical - 6 povec

Extra fine Spring Art in natural colours… have a cup of coffee, take a good book or chill out with nice music. Let the world outside and focus on yourself…more:    


The Light Blue Spiral

Etsy armchair 4 EXTRA LUNGO

To balance the room, a pastel light blue Spiral…more on Etsy

Silver & Light Blue – Abstract Wall Art

Silver & Light BlueEXTREME FINE GEOMETRIC STRING ART in Silver Gray, Pastel Blue.

Abstract 3D art in harmony colours made with patience. Create clear and light flair in your own environment or office.

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Exotic Green Gold Art Set

Extra Art Set in Green Gold

Exotic green-gold art set, harmonising geometry art. Real 3D extra fine handmade String Art since 1997.

Wall Decor – artificial silk graphics, handmade image in 3D technique. Ambient art ART DECO contains elements of geometry, estetically proportionate design and harmonical equilibrium – feng shui.

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The Green Feather

Etsy - Pav

Geometry and sacred geometry have been mentioned since ancient times and are somehow maigical. The technique itself is very old and has been part of very diverse cultures. This is extra fine String Art in gold and green with a natural peacock feather.

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Are you winning or losing?



As long as you are here on earth, you are an absolute winner. So, congratulations! You are still in the game.

The bad feeling comes, when you compare with others. It is just a feeling, nothing else. Relax and be sure, you can not lose. If you consider this as a competition, than it is a competition with yourself. And avoid judging others. It is not important, what other people think about you. You are free when you don’t care about that. Free yourself of mental, emotional or physical slavery.

Yes, you might lose some friends, but this is O.K. Better standing alone in peace and freedom, as being manipulated through a person or a group. You are never alone! And you will attrac friends you deserve.

It is just a matrix we are playing in. And the rules of this big game are, we forgot how connected we are…and who we are… and where we came from.

Love, Suzana