ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – It Is Now Time For The Final Seal To Be Opened – Ancient Awakenings – 7-7-16

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AAMichael  - red

 “Sananda”, “Archangel Michael”, “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

“Adama”  channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our 1st Sunday of the month Ancient Awakenings joint call with Hollow Earth Network over Blog Talk Radio in Glendale, AZ on July 3, 2016).

Also note that only the main messages are included here. If you wish, you can listen to the question/answer portion by going to our website or the HEN website and listen to the audio files.



This is “Sananda”.

Wonderful to be with you again in this way, to be able to share in these messages and to be able to spread the word in every way we can. Please understand that throughout this planet, many are receiving these messages and to the various groups who resonate to the words that come through.

Those of you who are…

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The White Mandala

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One shot was taken at DAYLIGHT and you see the image in natural colors. The other was taken at NIGHT while fluor color threads are illuminated with UV light. This is a special effect as a option. A creation of special subtle mood effects in your own environment or office. You can use a UV lamp at night to lighten up this 3D pictures if you like.

Take a cup of coffee…

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