Refugees in Hungary…


All what I can see is compassion and love. Of course the hungarian people are not their government. And it is good, that they share their sincere thoughts with the world. There are so many good people…I myself realised, that our neighbour country Croatia is so much more open to us…they are friendlier, more than before…so many people are ready and more than willing to cooperate with us. They lost their fear and reticence. They made a big progress in such a short time. This is what I see…The news are something else, the politics are often the conflict maker. Because this is how they want to manipulate. But the positive wave is rising and rising…I know that the refugees, who are coming now, will not have such good weather conditions and this is what we have focus at. Shelters must be prepared and boots and comfortable shoes, warmer clothes…But I see, how happy they are to walk towards freedom and peace! You can literally see it! If we refuse to help now, we can be the next tomorrow.

Watch on YouTube:


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