Refugees in Slowenia

Yes we are watching and convincing all the people, who are still in fear about the situation…Of course it is a big challenge, nobody was prepared for that. But all we have to do is organise and help as quick as we can because cold days are coming and bad weather, too. We have to talk about that and we have to be aware about …what is going on in other countries is your problem, too. Or could become our problem. We have to see the bigger picture and stop the profit-making-wars. People are all the same, they want to be at home and they have the right to live in peace and have normal developing lives. They dont want to be refugees, leaving their homes and beloved ones behind, pay 2000 € for a person and go to nowhere…They must have a big reason to do so. And they are a moving monument to us…I hope our government will stay organised and find all the capacities they need to help. We will have them in our minds and pray for them.190920151639


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