There is no bigger betrayal, than betraying yourself…


People can hide behind words and tell whatever they want, to look good. But soon we will be able to see between the lines  …I belive that 100%. A lot of people already feel, what the truth is, they feel the frequency or vibration.

A lot of children simply know, if we are telling the truth or not. They don’t have the blurry screen, they see through you crystal clear!  But we have the ability, too. We just have to listen to our inner voice, and pay attention. Sharpen it day by day…it is like training a muscle. Without that ,everything can happen to us…friendships can be ruined by others, we can lose our job, people can cheat on us easily…money, health, food, freedom can be taken away from us, without knowing why…even wars can happen to us without wanting them.

Highly educated people are in no better position, they can be perfectly manipulated, too, on a different level. The classic education does not train us to sharpen our senses. We look ridiculous believing at all stories. Manipulation is a tool even little children can use  towards adults. Why shouldnt grown people, companys, cooperations use that tool if it is so simple….

But now is the time and place to turn words into real power. Just by telling your truth! That simple! It is a changing status, don’t miss it. Every problem can be your opportunity, a challenge to wake up and stand for your truth. It is important, that is why you are here, to represent you, your existence, your truth.

There is no bigger betrayal, than betraying yourself. When you feel disappointed it is often because you did not face the reality and stand for you. Then you are disappointed because of you. Because you didn’t act or say something, when you should. NO ONE WILL DO IT FOR must be first, then others can follow and help. It is like no one can breath for you. You must make the first inhale.

Love, Suzana


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