Peace…the place where it starts


We are the place, where peace starts. It is the place and the beginning of real peace.

No one can give us that feeling. We can let peace happen in us first and only. We can be everywhere…at the bank, in the waiting room, on a train. It is like meeting your best friend.

From this perspective, everything imaginable is possible. Our future can be better than we can imagine. We know, what to do in critical situations, where no one is around, to tell us. We will remember things, that are been forgotten for a very long time.

We will sharpen our senses. The power of other people over us will fade…and disapear. We would like to stay in that position as long as possible, because it is the happiest and freeing way at all.

You own that tools and you will never be the same person.

Love, Suzana


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