About the technique Fine String Art

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The technique of twisted threads is ancient and has been part of very diverse cultures. Over the years, we have used different materials, from silk to wire, settling now at top quality artificial silk of satin shine, with a luxurious colour range of 350 shades. The game of shadows and light, together with the visual fragmentation of thousand threads, optically changes depending on the point of view. The geometry in a specific series, the harmony of colours and the presence of elements in relief all give a sense of unity and order, which is passed on to the surroundings. Hand-making requires a lot of ability and precision. Patience and an infinite desire to create have transformed a hobby into a profession. Being a married couple from different cultural heritages has given us a richer view of life and has broadened our horizons. We work in tranquillity and with really carefully chosen music.

Colour and sound are related and are expressions of the soul. Each thought and each tone has its colour shade, its code, its expressive value. Science, too, deals with colours and their influence on man. We often forget the importance of what colour or sound surround us. With a conscious choice of these elements we can improve our daily surroundings, our mood and the state of our spirit.

We have a choice, we can have influence our environment, we can be sensitive – spiritual. There are so many ways to connect with our soul.

Have a beautiful time. See you…Suzana

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